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Toolkit: Working Commercially

Thursday, 13 April 2017
6.30 – 8pm

This event in our Toolkit series focused on working commercially as an artist.

Lisa Panting, co-director and founder of gallery Hollybush Gardens, spoke about her experiences of working within the commercial art market, and shared advice for artists interested in working in this way.

Lisa introduced the work she does with Hollybush Gardens, and talked about her working relationships with artists the gallery represents. She shared advice on thinking about practicing commercially and discussed how artists with different types of practice engage with the art market, do’s and don’ts when starting a relationship with a commercial gallery, what to expect if you are represented, and how to manage these relationships in the long-term.

Lisa Panting is co-director and founder of Hollybush Gardens, an independent gallery that opened in 2005. Hollybush Gardens represents international artists including Lubaina Himid, Andrea Büttner and Johanna Billing.

Lisa has also worked in the not for profit sector as a curator and commissioner at Book works, Picture This and Milch. Writing and teaching has been regular aspect of Lisa’s work and she has contributed to research groups such as double agents at Central Saint Martins School of art and design.