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There is no Script for This

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

There is no Script for This
Wednesday 27 June

What do people do when they leave art school? How do you begin to develop a career in the visual arts? How long does it take to achieve momentum and then escape velocity? And then how do you maintain it? Drawing from the ESP network of artists, writers, curators and designers this informal event will give students, recent graduates and emerging practitioners a chance to quiz people at different stages of their careers as they talk about highs, lows and pivotal moments during their first years out of art school.

Including presentations from An Endless Supply (design studio) Beth Bramich (curator and Eastside Projects (EP) Distribution assistant), Ruth Claxton (artist and EP Director), Bethan Lewis (artist, educator and EP Operation Assistant), Joanne Masding (artist and Director of The Lombard Method), Gavin Wade (artist-curator and EP Director), Joe Welden (artist, musician and EP Production Assistant) and more.