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There is no Script for This

Thursday, 28 July 2016
6.30 – 8pm

What do people do when they leave art school? How do you begin to develop a career in the visual arts? How long does it take to build momentum? And then how do you maintain it? ‘There is no Script for This’ brought together a broad range of arts professionals to share their experiences of developing their practices, from leaving art school to a point of feeling successful – however they want to define this. This fast-paced survey included speakers who are artists, curators, project managers, writers and more, and was an ideal opportunity for students, recent graduates and emerging practitioners to hear how others have navigated the early years of their careers.

Speakers included Vanessa Boni, Ruth Claxton, Matt Foster, Anneka French, Andrew Gillespie, Sam Jones, Ben Neal, Antonio Roberts, Sarah Taylor Silverwood, Emily Warner, Stuart Whipps and more.