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There is no Script for This

Thursday, 24 July 2014

There is no Script for This
Thursday 24 July 2014

What do people do when they leave art school? How do you begin to develop a career in the visual arts? How long does it take to achieve momentum and then escape velocity? And then how do you maintain it? Drawing from the ESP network of artists, writers, curators and designers this informal event gave students, recent graduates and emerging practitioners a chance to quiz people at different stages of their careers as they talked about highs, lows and pivotal moments.

Including presentations from: Tom Bloor (Artist and Eastside Projects Director), Maya Darrell-Hewins (Film buff) , Aly Grimes (Co-director of Stryx), Sam Groves (Prommer, Flatpack Film Festival), James Harris (Eastside Projects Operations Assistant), Amy Kirkham (Eastside Projects Distribution Assistant), Laura McDermott (Director of Fierce Festival), Elinor Morgan (ESP Programmer), Nathanial Pitt (Director of Division of Labour), Josephine Reichert (Artist and Co-Founder of Ort), Kate Self (Learning Coordinator at Ikon), Stuart Whipps (Artist)

Photographs by Patrick Dandy