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ONLINE The Exchange 2 Summit

Thursday, 15 September 2022
2 – 5pm

This January 56 artists came together to make new connections across the country. Pairing peers from different networks artists began conversations and collaborations, supported by a wide-ranging programme of participant-led workshops which included everything from an exploration of the living creatures our vicinity to quiet crits.

This summit concludes The Exchange 2 with a sharing of activities, outcomes, processes and experiences from artists who have taken part which aims to reflect the breadth of practices and approaches.

Artist Presenting during The Exchange 2 Summit
Thursday, 15 September, 2–5pm, Online Event
To attend, please book your ticket via eventbrite.


Introduced by Daisy Young / Turf Projects
1.) Amy J Wilson and Meitao Qu
Amy and Meitao will discuss the conception of their project ‘Biosphere IV’ and will be screening the trailer for ‘Biosphere IV’ and a live demo of the game itself. The summit will act as a launch for the game, which will be made available to participants as a computer download on iOS and Windows operating systems.

Introduced by Saphia Abrahamovitch-Venner / Spike Island Associates
2.) Marcus Keating & C. Mae Bloom
Marcus and Mae will be talking about their project: Things I wanted to show you in my kitchen, which culminated in a large poster, a collection of sentimental recipes, installed in spaces around Birmingham, with the possibility to continue it in the future.

Introduced by Colette Griffin / Primary
3.) Sylvia Waltering and Roger Suckling
Sylvia’s work is based around photography and Roger’s mainly video, both exploring a response to landscape. They met up for walks in the Peak District and made small interventions by placing QR codes along the way that would lead back to a website. The website contains Information, links, field notes and work that relates to that location.

Introduced by Daisy Young / Turf Projects
4.) Sarah Trotter & Salina Jane
Presenting a performance inspired by synesthesia (particularly chromesthesia) incorporating the translation of music with painting, the use of colour and shapes translating certain sounds, vibrations to  illustration and movement.

SCREEN BREAK (20 mins)

Introduced by Colette Griffin / Primary
5.) Louisa Chambers & Beth Ross
Louisa and Beth will share a short video as a result of their collaboration as part of The Exchange 2.

Introduced by Dan Russell / The NewBridge Project

6.) Frances Staniforth & Margaret Jennings
In their collaboration the artists focused on the natural world of plants and wildlife, in relation to how we coexist within the  ecological system. They connected through the fungi, lichen, moss and trees that grow in our urban and rural areas. Their exchange exchange has expressed itself in poetry, photographs, artworks, a tea ceremony and votive offerings made out of natural found materials.

Introduced by Bori Soos / Eastside Projects (EOP)
7.) Jennifer Brough and Candice Dehnavi
In The Practice of Slowness, paired artists Jennifer Brough and Candice Dehnavi look at the role of the bed in art and ask how we can create slowly, together. In a series of short writing exercises inspired by famous beds in art, participants will be introduced to a disability justice framework and asked to reexamine how the bed can act as a political site of power.

What is The Exchange?

THE EXCHANGE 2 is the second iteration of a project connecting artists and creative practitioners across the UK. Bridging the gap created by limited movement and opportunity to network The Exchange aims to create new exchanges and friendships between artists that wouldn’t otherwise be able to connect. This open-ended process has no limits or boundaries but is simply framed by the invitation to begin a conversation.

The Exchange 2 builds upon the 2021 iteration of the project where 56 artists across the UK were paired together with the simple invitation to begin a conversation. The artist pairs valued the connection to another peer to think alongside and support one another. Although there was no anticipation of a formal outcome artists did make together resulting in video collages, animation, sacred knotting installations and performances. The variety of responses, levels of connection, outcomes and conversations was vast and far-reaching with some artists connecting for a short time and others who will continue to talk and collaborate long into the future.

Eastside Projects (EOP), CAMPCastlefield Gallery (Associates)The NewBridge ProjectPrimarySpike Island (Spike Island Associates), and Turf Projects have each selected 8 artists from their networks to take part in the project through an open call. In total 56 artists will participate.

Participating Artists in The Exchange
EOP Members:
Jennifer BroughSoohyun ChoiSherrie EdgarRebecca FarkasYva JungMarcus KeatingEleanor MorganSOP

CAMP: Chloe Bonfield, Ruth Brown, Erika Cann, Karen Howse, Tina Kutter, Lucie Smith, Frances Staniforth, Sarah Trotter

Castlefield Associates: Hatitze Achmet, Bryony Dawson, Candice Dehnavi, Klaire Doyle, Clara Glyn, Katie McGuire, Babs Smith, Sylvia Waltering

Primary: Louisa Chambers, Belén Cerezo, Pete Ellis, Alison Lloyd, Nathanial Mann, Sam Metz, Roger Suckling

Spike Associates: Helen Acklam, Simone Hesselberg, Garry Loughlin, Maisie Moon, Sammy Paloma, Tina Salvidge, John Steed, Veronica Vickery

The NewBridge Project: Charlie-Mae Bloom, BJ Choudre, Georgia Holman, Margaret Jennings, Georgia McGrath, Roberto Picciau, Meitao Qu, Beth Ross

Turf Projects: Julia Chwascinska, Theresa Dodzro, Salina Jane, Desilver Johnson, Emma McAndrew D’Souza, Yolanda Shields, Claire Undy, Amy Wilson