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The Exchange 2 – Meetup and Lunch at Eastside Projects

Friday, 2 December 2022
12 – 2pm

All artists who took part in The Exchange 2 are invited to join an informal meetup and lunch in the gallery at Eastside Projects to mark the end of the project.

If you can make it please drop an email to so we know how many people to expect.

What is the Exchange 2?

The Exchange 2 was the second iteration of a project connecting artists and creative practitioners across the UK. Bridging the gap created by limited movement and opportunity to network, The Exchange aims to create new exchanges and friendships between artists that wouldn’t otherwise be able to connect.

56 artists from Eastside Projects (EOP), CAMPCastlefield Gallery (Associates)The NewBridge ProjectPrimarySpike Island (Spike Island Associates), and Turf Projects were connected by this open-ended process with no limits or boundaries, just a simple invitation to begin a conversation.

Find out more HERE