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James Stephen Wright & Polina Chizhova, "(S)NO(W) need for DATA?"

Wednesday, 15 December 2021
6 – 8.30 pm

In today’s techno-utopia, technology and data often feel beyond our understanding – the devices we hold in our hands everyday might as well be a piece of wizardry. In (S)NO(W) need for DATA? We aim to get out of the incomprehensible world of data and turn into something meaningful. Using snow data collected from around the world, we will apply both digital and non-digital approaches – think tiktok length and ski goggles.

You will work on making a digital visual/audio work, costumes/props and creating some spoken word which will be squished together like making a snowball to make your end performance. During the performances we will unwind with snowball drinks and snacks. (Ski attire optional)

What to expect: The workshop is about imaginative ways of interpreting data (snow could be a surrogate for other data – but it’s nearly Christmas!), which we’ll do through making hands-on cardboard objects, using free and accessible data visualisation software and creative writing. No prior knowledge of data (or making things out of cardboard) is required. All welcome.


James Stephen Wright is an neurodiverse multi-disciplinary artist based in Newcastle working on things of dubious importance, perhaps in the capacity of a group/swarm. He/they graduated from Glasgow School of Art in 2011, before completing a MA in Contemporary Art at Edinburgh University. Their art practice uses methods, ideas and sometimes skill to create items of speculative value.

Polina Chizhova a Swiss-Russian-Uzbek artist and art historian based in Newcastle. She is interested in the relationship between humans and non-humans, as well as in the role that objects occupy in creating social interactions and cultural norms.


This event is open to Kaleidoscope Network Members.

This event has been organised by NewBridge for the Kaleidoscope Network, a collaboration between Eastside Projects (Birmingham), Primary (Nottingham), Spike Island (Bristol), and The NewBridge Project (Newcastle). NewBridge studio and associate members are automatically part of the Kaleidoscope Network and can attend selected events programmed by each partner.

For people joining remotely, a small budget is available for purchasing the ingredients for a non-alcoholic festive snowball-themed drink so we can toast at the end of the event. You will also require cardboard (save up those cereal boxes), scissors, and tape. Please email Dan for more information.

For people joining in-person, snowball cocktails and non-alcoholic versions will be provided, as will materials and tools for the activities.

This event has been programmed by The NewBridge Project for Kaleidoscope Network members. EOP members are automatically a part of this network alongside members from Spike Associates, Primary and The NewBridge Project.

​​(S)NO(W) need for DATA?