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Chloe Langlois & Catherine Carter: Singing to Black Holes

Thursday, 27 October 2022
6 – 8pm

Black holes sing to each other in a low B-flat, beyond human hearing. This workshop will begin with a performative introduction to black holes, after which we will come together as a choir to develop a set of sounds that could speak to a black hole.

The workshop will be supported by composer and mezzo soprano Catherine Carter. Being able to sing in tune, or confidently is not important. It’s about sounds, energy, conversation without the conversation.

This workshop comes out of Chloe’s recent experiences of communal living during the pandemic, when she lived with thirty people in a single-storey, completely circular, former care home. She started thinking of it as a portal. It contained a mass of voices, swarming together, with the potential to communicate with other portals, past, present and future.

Working with the messy and the magical in video and live performance, Chloe Langloiscurrent interests lie in channelling, re-enactment, non verbal communication, and collective euphoria. During the pandemic Chloe moved into a circular former care home with thirty people, and completed an MA in Moving Image at the RCA.

Catherin Carter is a singer, theatre maker and composer. Highlights of Catherine’s vocal work include performing John Cage’s Aria with Merce Cunningham Dance Company at Theatre de la Ville Paris; Sonic Trail for the Filters a commission by Tate Britain; and the premier of K Stockhausen Mittwoch aus Licht for Birmingham Opera Company.

This event is part of Still there are seeds to be gathered … a programme of events led by EOP members.