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Workshop: Shape Shifters

Saturday, 19 May 2018
12 – 4pm

For the first in the series of our Member Led Workshops, artist Laura Cooper introduced her version of the Goethean Observation Method at the Birmingham Wildlife Conservation Park.

Encouraging us to consider our sensorial relationship with different species and plant, Laura led us through a four part process where we drew, describes, moves and connected emotionally to our chosen subjects (plant, mineral or animal). The workshop explored observation as a practice to hone and extend ones sensory perceptions, a process of attuning which by the end of the day saw us accumulate a collection of studies and subtle performative gestures.

Laura Cooper’s practice embraces live performance, video installation and drawing. Recent solo exhibitions include Softening The Grid, Milton Keynes Arts Centre; Nomadic Glow, Centro ADM Mexico City; Soft Revolutions, Space In Between Gallery, London. She co-directed the artist run project space Global Committee with artist Ian Giles in New York from 2014-16.