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Reaction School #2: 50% WOMEN

Saturday, 18 November 2017
11am – 5pm

Reaction School #2
Led by: Phoebe Davies and Liv Wynter

This second micro-curriculum took Eastside Projects’ policy commitment to work with 50% women as a starting point for action. The day long master-class asked participants to reflect on their own understanding of equality and balance within public and personal environments.

Class One: Liv Wynter
We started the day with a masterclass which focused on creating, developing and maintaining a personal manifesto. The class looked at the intersections of activism and art, with a focus on creative methods to utilise direct action. The masterclass was informed by Liv Wynter’s 2017-18 residency with Tate Education.

Liv Wynter is a queer working class female artist working and living in South London. She graduated in 2015 from Goldsmiths University of London with a BA in Fine Arts. Her practice is focused on using the language of poetry and rap in live performance to draw attention and light to often ignored subjects such as sexuality, domestic violence, class structures and gender. Liv recently completed a residency at Liverpool’s the Royal Standard. She has performed at artist-spaces, galleries and venues including The Royal Academy, David Roberts Art Foundation and Late at Tate.

Class Two: Phoebe Davies
The second class of the day focused on building an individual tool kit for collective working, departing from Phoebe’s work with female and non binary collectives, and DIT* culture including; Bedfellows, Freeparty and Synaptic Island, a South London based DJ collective. During the masterclass different approaches to sharing knowledge through mindfulness, listening sessions and approaches to self-care were explored.

DIT*: (Do It Together)

In response to the Octavia Butler quote at the bottom of the page, we asked participants to bring a 2 minute audio clip to the masterclass, either from youtube or a news report, songs, sound tracks or podcast.

Phoebe Davies is an artist and producer. Her practice is defined by its location and context, investigating and exploring how people perceive their social framework. She often works with and in response to individuals and communities, generating work through collaboration and collective action. Recently projects have led her to work with male sports teams, schools, sex educators, farmers, elderly care homes, DJs, and institutions including Tate Modern (London), Arnolfini (Bristol), Wysing Arts Centre (Cambridge), Steirischer Herbst (Graz, AUT), Assembly (Portland, USA) and SA-UK SEASONS 2015 (Johannesburg, ZA).