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Radical Sabbatical: End of Term

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

From January 2016–June 2016 ESP members Andrew Gillespie, Andrew Lacon, Lexi Strauss and Emily Warner have been on Radical Sabbatical at the University of Birmingham, working with academics, developing interdisciplinary relationships, finding new ways to collaborate to produce new ideas, research and work.

To mark the end of the project the four residents were joined by two of the academics who had been working with them – Professor of African Politics, Paul Jackson and Senior Lecturer in Cultural Geography, Phil Jones. They discussed how work and ideas unfolded during the residency and reflected on the experience of working together, from the perspective of both artist and academic.

Professor Paul Jackson is a political economist working predominantly on conflict and post-conflict reconstruction. A core area of interest is decentralisation and governance and it was his extensive experience in Sierra Leone immediately following the war that led him into the area of conflict analysis and security sector reform.

Dr Phil Jones is a cultural geographer who focuses on issues related to the city. His work deals with a number of research areas including urban regeneration, cycling and the arts.  He has a particular interest in research methods, including qualitative GIS, mobile interviewing and arts-based approaches.