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Production Show Evaluation Evening

Thursday, 23 March 2017
6.30 – 8pm

Eastside Projects’ Director Gavin Wade and Associate Director Ruth Claxton invite you to help evaluate the Production Show process so far.

‘We are in a state of productive crisis! We are at the mid-point in Production Show and all around us is in flux. The old systems have failed, or are failing and something new has yet to emerge. We are in uncertain times, socially, economically, culturally – a multiverse where multiple positions exist but are not crossing over, are not aligned and are increasingly oppositional and fractured.’

Production Show is a programme of evolving activity taking place over two years, including solo exhibitions, generative performances, tests for public art commissions, a new production display, a set of useful editions, and proposals, concepts and prototypes as events and workshops.

This event will be an opportunity to discuss the joys, and perils, of making new work with artists in public, the gaps that form when you move an idea into a reality, successes and failures and how they can be useful, or not, as you work through ideas for new operating structures and possible futures.

We really want to hear from those who have engaged with Production Show so far – visitors, neighbours, colleagues – so join us around the table to share feedback and inform the next phases. Robust opinions and honest discussions are very welcome.