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Placing, Positioning and Situating

Saturday, 9 March 2024
1 – 3pm

This month’s EOP SOCIAL is on a Saturday! We would love EOP members to bring their physical artworks to the gallery for an adhoc guerrilla ‘exhibition’ and an informal crit-chit-chat! Come along, hang out with Naoibh and Lucy, share your work with fellow members, have some good conversations and get some feedback. 

Maybe afterwards we can all head to the pub together?

The ground rules: 

  • You must be able to bring your work with you and take it away on the day.
  • Each member can bring a maximum of two artworks.
  • Work can be finished or in-progress
  • We are imagining this social like an informal collective studio visit. We won’t be able to make any holes in the walls so in terms of presentation keep it simple and think leaning, resting, taped or blutacked.
  • We will get some of our plinths out but won’t be able to provide any other equipment.
  • Only physical artworks – no videos this time (we did that in February!!!)

If you are an EOP member but don’t have work to share, you are still very welcome to come along.

Got questions? Drop Naoibh or Lucy an email on info[at]