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Events Upcoming

ONLINE Workshop: Taking stock, making plans

Thursday, 11 July 2024
6 – 8pm

This is a private event for EOP and Kaleidoscope Network members only.

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Led by Artist and Writer Ania Bas, this interactive workshop will lead you through a simple process which helps you take stock to understand where you are at, figure out what you want to do next, and identify realistic steps you can take to get there.

You will be working on your own and in pairs in break out rooms, so this will be an opportunity to share experiences with peers from across the Kaleidoscope network, and meet new people. There will also be space for wider sharing if people want to bring anything to the whole group.

This event has been organised by Eastside Projects for the Kaleidoscope Network, a collaboration with Spike Island (Bristol), Primary (Nottingham), The NewBridge Project (Newcastle) and Bloc Projects (Sheffield). EOP Members are automatically part of the Kaleidoscope Network and can attend selected events programmed by each partner for free.