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ONLINE Workshop: Meditate, Visualise, Create!

Sunday, 2 April 2023
2 – 4pm

An ONLINE workshop by Annabel Pettigrew  to help reconnect with your practice following trauma, grief or a period of time away.

Meditate, Visualise, Create, is a way of working developed by Annabel Pettigrew following a period of time away from her practice due to a period of deep grief. The workshop facilitates re-connecting with your practice using breathwork and a short, guided meditation followed by a period of making which can be used as a springboard to interact with your practice again.

This workshop will run via Zoom, we will have closed captions enabled.
To take part, you will need:

  • Space to sit alone, if possible in an undisturbed room, or other place where you feel comfortable
  • A chair, blanket or cushion to sit on
  • Paper, pens or pencils
  • Whatever else you like to work with; for example paint, ink, pastel, clay, fabric, a tablet…
  • Potentially a table to work at
  • You might also wish to have an object with you that represents intuition, psychic connection or sentiment

Before joining the workshop, please allow time to prepare the space you intend to work in and get comfortable. If you’d like to do so, light a candle or incense. Do whatever you need to do to get yourself and your space ready to work in.

Annabel Pettigrew is an artist whose practice is research and pilgrimage based. Annabel initiated and runs the artist collective ‘Throes of Grief’, which explores methods of dealing with grief and grief-related themes within contemporary art practice. Annabel’s work focuses on an intense exploration into Grief, using Astral Projection as a processing and visualising technique to interact with unconscious subject matter. In 2021 she was awarded the Art’s Council England DYCP grant for her project; Throes of Grief: Collaborative Conversations, a period of research into the presence of grief in contemporary art practice, featuring collaborations with selected practitioners, and in May 2022 was awarded the ‘a space’ Southampton Artist Led Network Champion fund for ‘Throes of Grief: Artist Collective”.

This event is part of Still there are seeds to be gathered … a programme of events led by EOP members.