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ONLINE Wellbeing: Politics of Care

Thursday, 9 June 2022
1 – 2pm

Join us for a listening and zine making session with Raju Rage. Together we will listen to Care Work: Dreaming Disability Justice, written by Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha, and in our own time respond to what we are hearing. We will individually create a reflection such as a doodle, drawing, writing. But collectively we will be creating a Politics of Care zine using our reflections as the content. After the workshop we will print some DIY copies of the zine for distribution.

This event will be using closed captions, if you need further access support please email 

Bring with you any materials you would like to make a response for the zine, this could be basic or advanced: pens, pencils, paper, magazines, scissors, glue for collage, any materials you have to hand.

Raju Rage is proactive about using art, education and activism to forge creative survival. Born in Kenya, raised in London and living/working beyond, they explore the spaces and relationships between dis/connected bodies, theory and practice, text and the body and aesthetics and the political substance. Their current interests are around sustainability, economies, care, and resistance. They are a member of Collective Creativity arts collective and are a creative educator and independent scholar with an interest in radical pedagogy.

Raju has a theirstory in activism, self and collective organised queer/ transgender/ people of colour movements and creative projects in London and beyond from which their politics and works draw on and from.

Raju has trained as a pastry chef and baker, worked in several community kitchens and been part of a baker’s collective.