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ONLINE Wellbeing: Healing Herbalism

Friday, 18 June 2021
1 – 3pm
Join community herbalist Rasheeqa Ahmad of Hedge Herbs, based in London, for a knowledge-sharing and practical plant medicine workshop.

We will hear about the practice of herbal medicine in our healthcare ecologies today, its role in systems change that connects us with land and the wild, our ancestral beings and the current social justice movement.

Rasheeqa will offer an overview of simple herbal preparations that you can make at home, and go through the process of making one with you using plants of the season. We’ll share information beforehand so that you can gather the plants you may need in advance, allowing us to make the medicine together during the session.

To book a place email

Rasheeqa Ahmad is a herbalist in her community in Walthamstow in north London. She has been practicing since 2012, offering treatment with herbal medicine and teaching about its many aspects, alongside a wider mix of work whose aim is connecting us as communities with the potential of this knowledge and craft as a way to develop healthier living systems and relationships. She is inspired by her early involvement with the Radical Herbalism Gathering in exploring how to make plant medicine accessible and restore balance to its practice in the contexts of systemic inequalities and oppressions that are part of our shared histories.

She is part of the Community Apothecary in her locality, a CIC that brings community members together around a patchwork of medicinal herb gardens where they can learn about growing and making medicines together, exchanging knowledge and peer support and seeding the model in other neighbourhoods so that we create landscapes of healing everywhere! She is also involved with the Mobile Apothecary in Bethnal Green, a street medicine distribution project bringing solidarity herbal healthcare to people from rough sleeper and less well resourced communities there.