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ONLINE: Toolkit: Tidy Taxes

Thursday, 19 November 2020

Find out how to do your taxes and keep accounts with Eastside Projects book-keeper Neisa Reid, just in time for the January deadline.

This practical toolkit will talk you through the basics of completing your tax return whilst leaving space for you to ask questions. Even if you have already submitted a tax return this is the perfect opportunity for a refresher.

Neisa Reid, FICB PM.Dip, of NTR Book-Keeping Services is an independent ICB bookkeeper with over 20 years’ experience, providing a range of accounting services for Freelancers, startups, small to medium businesses and Not for profit Organisations. Focusing on what you do best can often leave little time for dealing with all the financial compliance and paperwork.  As an experienced and Certified Bookkeeper. Neisa can help you keep it all in order.

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