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Events Upcoming

ONLINE Toolkit: Making Peformance

Wednesday, 24 November 2021
1 – 2pm

For EOP members only

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Join artist and writer Will Fredo for a toolkit exploring how to perform a character. In this toolkit, Will will guide you through breathing techniques and vocal exercises to enable you to embody any character. You can also expect to find out more about Will’s practice and the making of the performance within LOOP. 

This toolkit is perfect for anyone curious about making performance (even for the first time) and anyone making performance and interested in trying out new techniques.

Will Fredo is a non-binary artist, writer and editor exploring power dynamics, cultural dislocation and the intersection of pop culture, decolonial thought, Blackness, kuirness and technology. Born in Portugal of Guatemalan and Cape Verdean heritage, Will is based in Cologne and Berlin, Germany. Since 2017 Will is the deputy editor of Contemporary And, an art platform focused on African perspectives, and previously the art and digital editor at Sleek, an art and fashion magazine. In their artistic practice Will Fredo works with images and text to explore decoloniality and Global South epistemologies. Will has exhibited with institutions and art projects including Ludwig Forum Aachen, Körnerpark Galerie Berlin, Supplement Projects Miami, 1.1 Basel,, Centro Colombo Americano, and Sharjah Film Platform.