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ONLINE The Exchange Summit

Friday, 30 July 2021
2 – 4pm

Over the past six months, The Exchange has brought together over 60 artists from across the UK, pairing peers from different networks and opening up space for new creative conversations, experiences and outcomes. This summit concludes The Exchange by sharing activities, outcomes, processes and experiences from the artists. The event structure and content aim to reflect the vast array of practises, experiences and approaches within The Exchange.


A welcome to the Summit and introduction to the event

Dancing Moths and Daily Haikus
Jo Ball & Katrina Brown
An experimental video-piece-collage, composed and edited from pre-recorded zoom conversations and activities: speaking, showing, passing back and forth.

Mirrored Exchange
Brenda Hickin & Carol Laidler
“When does a displacement become a misplacement?”
Extracts of shared texts and writing that is set against images that the artists have made during their exchange “a friction between language and memory.”

Sara BowlerAnna Haydock-Wilson
A sound experience for headphones

Sticking bits of things together for now
Aled Simons & Mark Leahy
A short animation that curls together hermit crabs, National Trust properties, appropriation and occupation, language, accidental layering and a relationship of belonging and memory. Woven together through conversations that touched on
collecting, stickers, taxonomy, making work, and the things that get in the way of making work, mail-art collages, grottoes, skins, Stonehenge, Welshness (sort of) and Irishness (a bit)


Performative Conversation
Bijan Moosavi & Jennifer Taylor 
In this performative video conversation, Jennifer and Bijan will be reflecting upon their experience and work throughout this six-months programme.

Extract from a conversation
Sahjan Kooner & Meaghan Stewart
An extract of a live conversation from Tuesday 13th June. This conversation is one of many that Sahjan and Meaghan have been having during The Exchange.

Sacred Knotting Worksop
Annabel Pettigrew & Mani Kambo
Join Annabel and Mani for a sacred knotting workshop. They will guide you through a knotting technique so you can create a sacred knot of your own, whilst listening to our MK+AP Exchange Playlist. At the end of the workshop, you will have created a sacred knot which is the embodiment of your manifested intention or intentions.

Materials needed: A piece of string or material which can be knotted easily, i.e., chord, ribbon, rope, shoelace etc, no more than a metre, no shorter than 30cm. Have a think about the intention, intentions you would like to bring to the workshop.

Time for questions to all the artists involved in the summit and The Exchange, and questions around the wider programme.


What is The Exchange?

Following an Open Call Eastside Projects (EOP), CAMP, G39 (WARP), The NewBridge Project, Spike Island (Spike Associates), and Turf Projects each selected 10 artists from their network to take part in the project.  Artists joined a new, self-directed creative exchange and workshop programme where they were paired with a peer outside of their network and invited to begin a conversation. As lock-downs ebbed and flowed and social interaction was restricted, this project aimed to bridge the gap, creating new relationships and friendships between artists that wouldn’t otherwise be able to connect. This open-ended process had no limits or boundaries but was simply framed by the invitation to begin a discussion. 

Participating Artists:

EOP members: Bijan Moosavi, Brenda Hickin,  Emelia Kerr Beale, Emma Plover, Izzy McEvoy, Krystle Patel, Rowland Hill, Ruth Waters, Sahjan Kooner, Steve Burden

CAMP: Brett Lockwood, Carly Seller, Kyra Norman, Katrina Brown, Liam Jolly, LOW PROFILE, Mark Leahy, Molly Erin McCarthy, Sara Bowler, Thais Lenkiewicz, William Luz

G39: Aled Simons, Alice Briggs, Aurora/Trinity Collective, Becca + Clare, Fern Thomas, Freya Dooley, Jennifer Taylor, Philippa Brown, Rebecca Gould, Will Roberts

Spike Island Associates: Anna Haydock-Wilson, Annabel Pettigrew, Ben Hartley, Carol Laidler, Cliff Andrade, Eleanor Duffin, Fiona Carruthers, Jo Ball, Kelly O’Brien, Lauren Craig

The NewBridge Project: Abel Shah (Giulia & Alex), Jade Cooper, Lisa Vigorelli, Mani Kambo, Meaghan Stewart, Pheobe Law, Ross Hamilton-Frew, Sue Loughlin, Vicki Doyle, Zara Worth

Turf Projects: Angela Carratt, Anita Wadsworth, Caleb Pinnell, Daisy Young, Flora Hunt, Jhinuk Sarkar, John Messenbird, Migeul Sopena, Rebecca Sammon, Sarah Dean