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ONLINE Summer Camp 2021

1 to 31 August 2021

Welcome to this year’s digital Summer Camp, hosted on the Eastside Projects STREAM platform.

Summer Camp has been a key event in the EOP calendar since 2013. Usually, EOP members are invited to make and share work in the gallery culminating in a one night only show which opens on a Digbeth First Friday. This time for the duration of August, Summer Camp is hosted on STREAM our new digital platform sharing artworks, documentation,  archival material and resources.

This year you can expect to encounter new video work, sound walks, games, stories, digital worlds and a whole lot more.

EOP members showing work this year are:

…kruse, Alex Billingham, Ambie Drew, Amelia Hawk, Avril Corroon, Bruce Asbestos, Candice Nembhard, Craig David Parr, Dolly Kershaw, Eleanor Morgan, From Doggerland / Gemma Gore, Hannah Hughes, Izzy McEvoy, Kurt Hickson, Laura Cooper, Leah Hickey, Nikki Sheth /SOUNDkitchen, Rachel Henaghan, Rebecca Farkas, Rodrigo Costa, Soohyun Choi, Yas Lime, Yva Jung