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ONLINE: Speculative Writing Workshop: Welcome to Studio Swan

Wednesday, 16 February 2022
2.30 – 5pm

Join Spike Island for a writing workshop with artist and writer Natascha Nanji, exploring her speculative proposition, Welcome to Studio Swan.

Welcome to Studio Swan is a speculative proposition that asks what conditions would be appropriate for us to temporarily become with plant or animal? And why would this be something desirable or necessary to undertake? A form of meditation? Or to expand our horizons of comprehending what it could feel like to be more than human?

This is an immersive writing workshop weaving ethnographic practice, some role play, storytelling and speculative thinking to co-create characters living and working at Studio Swan.

By working with these exercises, we will channel something of Karrabing Film Collectives’ methods, “Perhaps the central purpose is to discover what we never knew we knew by hearing what we say in moments of improvisation. We suddenly see what we have been saying—what we have been sensing”.

This event is hosted by Spike Island for the Kaleidoscope Network with Eastside Projects, Primary and The New Bridge Project. Your membership allows you to attend events hosted by the network.

Natascha Nanji is an artist and writer based between London-UK and Merida-MX. Her research-based practice orbits migrations, nomadism, systemic flows & transmutations, unearthing speculative histories from the past and the future. Natascha performs essays and stories at art events and conferences and contributes to art and design journals. She also works with grassroots arts organisations to enhance their digital systems. Natascha has a background in anthropology and studied cultural criticism at the RCA. She is the co-editor/publisher of LAY IT ON THICK, a literary magazine about desire and erotics.