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ONLINE Avril Corroon: Small Asks

Thursday, 22 September 2022
1 – 2pm

A workshop about making small asks* and exploring how we can use them within our practice to create work. What can be creative in the assemblage of small asks? and how do we mindfully frame and develop our own etiquettes of participation?

*Small asks are little actions we ask of others such as favours, giving or saving something.

This workshop comes out of Avril’s current project GOT DAMP where she is collecting ‘damp’ from housing through call outs on local paper ads, word of mouth, housing unions groups and online community based social media groups.  Through these call outs she has been finding participants who nominate themselves to answer and take part, finding that the work is developing in a way which reflects the contemporary communication and isn’t community – place specific. The ask for damp is funny and weirdly inviting for the curious and asks for the exact material people don’t want in their home.

Avril Corroon is a visual artist. She has made cheese from black mould in housing and turned a gallery into a car dealership. Her work examines inequity and how architecture manifests governance. She completed a BA at NCAD in Dublin in 2014 and an MFA at Goldsmiths University in 2019.

This event is part of Still there are seeds to be gathered … a programme of events led by EOP members.