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ONLINE New Vocabulary for Collaboration

Wednesday, 20 July 2022
6 – 7.30 pm

Sahjan Kooner and Roo Dhissou discuss family, the village, longing, black holes, collectives, futures, labour, tools, transformation and hope. Whilst Sahjan embraces glitch in software and technology, Roo works with craft-based practices and hospitality. Both are generous practices, Sahjan’s camaraderie of technology is met with Roo’s embrace of collaborative multiplicitous practice. The two work fluidly through the above topics. Join them to explore a new vocabulary for collaboration.

In 2021 – 2022 Sahjan and Roo collaborated on Nangal Pend-ing/ DarkVillage.stl, a book published by Primary and compiled by the artists. The publication consists of short texts and conversations between Roo, Sahjan, Primary’s Artist Development Coordinator / Curator Colette Griffin and independent curator Aisling Ward. The texts handle all things collaborative, curatorial and community.

Nangal Pend-ing/ DarkVillage.stl can be purchased at this event or online here.

This event will take place both in person at Primary and online, a link will be provided for online participants following booking confirmation. The session will be live streamed and not recorded, so will only be available to participate in live.

This event is open to Kaleidoscope Network members and EOP members are automatically part of the Kaleidoscope Network and can attend selected events programmed by each partner. This event has been organised by Primary for the Kaleidoscope Network, a collaboration between Eastside Projects (Birmingham), Primary (Nottingham), Spike Island (Bristol), and The NewBridge Project (Newcastle).

To book please email 

Sahjan Kooner is a being who conjures fantasies with computer-based media, video and installation to explore the relationships between migration, technology and futures.

Roo Dhissou is an artist and doctoral researcher who works with communities, diasporas and her own histories. Using socially engaged practice, craft, cooking, performance and installation she explores how communal and individual identities are formed. @roodhissou