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ONLINE Mina Heydari-Waite: In Walking Together We Make The Path

21 to 28 October 2021

In Walking Together We Make The Path is a social dreaming inspired workshop. Social dreaming is a reflexive practice in which dreams and associated thoughts are shared in a way that brings forth possibilities for new perspectives and meanings about our wider social context. Our task will be to share dreams, and our associations to each other’s dreams, making links and connections where we can. We will not interpret the dreams for the individual but instead focus on our responses to the dreams we hear, whether these responses come as images, thoughts, memories, gut reactions, or more dreams.

Artist Mina Heydari-Waite and psychotherapist Hamideh Waite will host the workshops; introducing the process, managing the boundaries of the sessions and compiling reflections. You do not have to be a vivid dreamer to attend these workshops; while the session will involve sharing literal dreams, it will also be a dream-like space in which associations, memories, thoughts and feelings can also act as ‘dreams’. You will need to be able to attend the workshops in a safe, quiet space where you will not be disturbed. In the first hour of the workshops, we will share dreams and associations without discussion of interpretation. We will then spend 15 minutes reflecting on the session. After this, there will be an additional 15 minutes in which the hosts will be available for after care to talk through any difficult feelings that may have been brought up by the workshop.

Mina Heydari-Waite is British-Iranian artist and facilitator living and working in Glasgow. Central to her practice is an interest in the reciprocal relationships between places and communities, their histories and their emergent futures. Past work has included installation, sculpture, video, print, performance, text and sound, often undertaken in a variety of community and collaborative contexts. Mina is currently working alongside her mother Hamideh Waite, a psychotherapist and anthropology researcher based in London, to develop new ways of thinking and working.