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ONLINE Lunch Club

Friday, 4 June 2021
1 – 2pm

Join us for a playful lunch hosted by Anna Frijstein. While eating away your sandwiches, she will provide food for thought by sharing her ideas on Play, Performance and Pedagogy. Together with you, she will think through how ‘play’ can be used as socio-political methods to free ourselves from normalisation, control and patriarchy. The discussion is open to all, bring along your own thoughts to serve at the table.

Anna Frijstein, is a Dutch born and London based artist graduating in Performance at the Royal College of Art, London (2019). She works with the visual, social, pedagogical and almost always performative. Whatever she does will be executed with a playful approach. Beneath this playfulness lingers a sense of uneasy dark humour that confronts suppressed feelings around current socio-psychological, ecological and economical issues. The performative works often satirise human behaviour with the aim to inspire positive change for a future where we think and act less human-centred. Alongside her studio practice, Anna works on interdisciplinary projects such as her involvement in an ecological project in Dorset working with scientists, local farmers and ecologists to address climate change as a social issues.