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ONLINE …kruse: The God Particle – a micro/flash fiction workshop

Thursday, 26 August 2021
1 – 2pm

Join us for a writing workshop exploring micro and flash fiction. We’ll create new worlds and imagine new futures using an Imagination Accelerator to give mass to our ideas. No previous writing experience is necessary and the workshop assumes no previous knowledge of the subject. 

Before the workshop you will be sent a cube. It is very delicate and has no lid, you can’t open the cube without breaking it. There is something inside the cube and you don’t know what it is. It moves in a strange way and makes a slight scratching noise.

The something in the cube is Imagination, the Higgs Boson of the mind.

The Higgs Boson has been called the God particle because it gives mass to fundamental particles like quarks and electrons which make up the ‘stuff’ of our Universe. To ‘see’ a Higgs Boson, humans built a particle accelerator, the Large Hadron Collider. The cube is an Imagination Accelerator.

(Like the Large Hadron Collider, the Imagination Accelerator needs charging before it will work. Charging instructions will be included along with the cube. Electricity not required.)

To book a place email by Thursday 5th August. Please include your postal address to be sent the cube.

…kruse is a visual artist, writer and neurodiversity advocate based in Birmingham whose practice includes storytelling, performance & phenomenological research. In…kruse’s writing, present realities and future dystopias collide; magic and science are happy bedfellows. Feminist cyborgs stalk through her fictions like glittering digital witches.