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ONLINE Wellbeing Workshop: Valuing Yourself

Friday, 9 April 2021
1 – 2.30 pm

As we grow up conditions of worth are placed upon us, we seek approval from our caregivers, friends and networks. Sometimes we hold onto these conditions and carry them with us. Perhaps to be successful we think we need to be clever or earn a lot of money. Often these conditions limit us thinking freely, or doing things differently.

Through this workshop we will identify our conditions of worth to see how we understand our value as a person, looking at what validates us, and how these values may affect our behaviours. By learning about our own conditions and values we will have a chance to own them, and learn to move beyond them. In the workshop, we will create a small DIY value guide that we can keep with us. 

Ultimately this workshop is about self-learning and identifying areas of ourselves that might be holding us back. By learning about this we will create the chance to move forward and develop. The workshop will create a safe space for conversation and sharing.

This workshop is for EOP members and will be led by Amelia Hawk who is the EOP and Public Programmer at Eastside Projects. Amelia is also an artist and training to be a Counsellor. Her work is often informed by conversations about experiencing disempowerment and creating societal changes. She works across a range of forms including performance, installation, clothing, publications, and the podcast Otherwise Silent.

To book a place email