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ONLINE EOP Meets Bloc Projects

Wednesday, 24 January 2024
1 – 2pm

Join Eastside Projects’ Artist Maker Ruth Claxton for a lunchtime chat with Sunshine Wong and Zoe Sawyer from Bloc Projects. This is a chance to hear more about what Bloc Projects does, how they work, how they support artists, and their plans for the future, as well as what’s happening in Sheffield.

This chat is part of a new series of monthly online events which aim to bring EOP members up close with the people who are running galleries and projects across the UK, creating informal opportunities to meet curators and programmers and find out how different organisations work with artists.

About Our Guests

Established in 2002, Bloc Projects is a contemporary arts organisation in the centre of Sheffield. They are committed to the continued learning of early to mid-career artists, which is evidenced in their unique artist development commissioning process. Their aim is to present extraordinary worlds that are rooted in the broader socio-political landscape.

Their organisation provides a gallery and two meanwhile spaces for the exploration of art practices, free and open to publics. They work closely with peers at local art organisations, universities and charities to ensure that their activities are welcoming to diverse groups across generations.

With different opportunities and ways to engage with artistic experimentation, their programme carefully attends to accessibility, participation and cross-disciplinarity.

Sunshine Wong, Co-Director (Programme), is an artworker and researcher. She completed her doctoral thesis on social practice in 2019 and her current practice is situated in infrastructures, critical care approaches, and co-vulnerabilities in urgent times. At Bloc Projects, she developed the online platform Harsh Light as well as programmes with artists including JJ Chan, Eelyn Lee, Kedisha Coakley, Una Hamilton Helle & Verity Birt.

Zoë Sawyer, Co-Director (Organisational), is a curator and creative practitioner with over 15 years curatorial experience working within, and helping to collectively build small and larger-scale organisations such as Project Space Leeds and The Tetley (2007-2017), alongside independent projects. She most recently worked as Offsite Curator at Eastside Projects where she worked with artists including Amy Ching-Yan Lam, Rajni Perera, Sarah Taylor Silverwood and Susan Philipsz. She is on the advisory group of East Leeds Project and on the Board of Directors of Corridor 8 critical writing platform.