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ONLINE: EOP Focus Group

Friday, 25 September 2020
10am – 12pm

Do you want the chance to re-imagine EOP, think about what is and isn’t working, feedback and help develop a future vision? We are looking for EOP members that are interested in joining an active workshop that will help feed into how we think about the next steps for EOP. We would like to hear from old, new, local, distant, recently graduated and established members so that we have a mix of opinions and experience. 

We have 15 places available, and will try and distribute places based on peoples experience of EOP and where they are in their career. When signing up please indicate which of the above categories you might fall into so that we can fairly distribute the spaces available. If we have more interest from people with similar experiences we may create a waiting list.

This workshop will happen online on Zoom, you will be sent a link in advance. 

Email to sign up or ask questions.