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ONLINE Choke points w/gobscure

Thursday, 28 April 2022
12.30 – 2.30 pm

This event will be led by gobscure, NewBridge Project’s artist in residence 2022.

EOP members are cordially invited to join a laid-back conversation to address our own choke-points – how do we tip over the things that piss us off? The event will begin softly with time for people to get settled. We’ll dine together, remotely, for about half an hour, then gobscure will lead further guided activity including listening to Run the Jewels & discussing their advice on local chokepoints.

Do bring local examples to share – these may be successful campaigns or things you’d like to tip over …

This book ( ) is a key inspiration & there’s a podcast too (

Although zoom will be open for 2 hours, the atmosphere will be gentle and focused activities will only take part of this time. There’ll be a screenbreak in the middle & a soft exit for people to drift away or stay and continue the chat. A live captioner will be provided.

NewBridge can offer a small lunch stipend for whoever requires we would also like to post a pack of workshop materials out to you so when the link goes live you’ll be able to register with your address.

This event is hosted by The NewBridge project as a part of the Kaleidoscope Network bringing artists together from Eastside Projects, Primary, Spike Island and The NewBridge Project.