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ONLINE Artists talk: Luiza Prado & Rebecca Beinart – The Kitchen Network

Friday, 19 April 2024
1 – 2pm

Artist, activist and researcher Luiza Prado De O. Martins will join Engagement Curator Rebecca Beinart in conversation around the work they are developing as part of Primary’s spring Nourishment season.

Luiza Prado’s The Kitchen Network delves into the politics of food as entertainment, exploring how it’s become detached from the realities of its production and its role in climate collapse. In this session we invite you to engage in the themes of Luiza’s multi-layered practice and the project and join in a wider conversation considering how artists navigate and highlight complex geopolitical issues.

Luiza uses humour to examine the divide between online food cultures and their disconnect with wider issues of class, gender, and geography. With soaring energy and food costs, labour shortages, the cost-of-living crisis and ongoing supply chain issues, we eat with our eyes and ears. Food as entertainment is a geopolitical issue, masked and filtered through phone lenses to perform wealth, virtue, goodness, practicality, ease and skill. Unfolding through performance and presented as the final reality TV food competition on Earth, The Kitchen Network uses humour to examine the divide between online food cultures and their disconnection to wider issues of class, gender, and geography.

Luiza Prado De O. Martins is an artist, activist and researcher. Her work moves between installation and food, using performance and ritual as a way of invitation and activation for audiences. Her practice explores relations and knowledge between food, infrastructures and technology, and questions what structures and process are needed for collective concerns of care. She holds a PhD from the University of the Arts Berlin, and an MA from the University of the Arts Bremen.

Her ongoing artistic research project, “Un/Earthings and Moon Landings” narrates, through a series of artworks, the extinction and later reappearance of an ancient contraceptive, aphrodisiac and spice called silphium. She has exhibited and performed work at the Art Institute of Chicago, the Museum of Modern Art Warsaw, Haus der Kulturen der Welt, the National Museum of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Savvy Contemporary, Akademie Schloss Solitude, and Kampnagel, among others.

This is a private event for current members of the Kaleidoscope Network only.

This event has been organised by Primary for the Kaleidoscope Network, a collaboration between Eastside Projects(Birmingham), Primary (Nottingham), Spike Island (Bristol), and The NewBridge Project (Newcastle). Primary residentsand members are automatically part of the Kaleidoscope Network and can attend selected events programmed by each partner for free.