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ONLINE Art Practice Surgery

Tuesday, 25 April 2023
5.45 – 8pm

This event is organised by The NewBridge Project as part of the Kaleidoscope Network, and hosted by Lady Kitt and Dan Russell.

This online (Zoom) and in person event (at The NewBridge Project) surgery is a chance to meet other practitioners and discuss your creative conundrums. It is for people with any creative practice.

We’ll introduce ourselves and the ideas behind these surgeries; share some tools and techniques for talking about and supporting one another on the nitty-gritty, sticking points and conundrums of our art practices; and then actively test out these methods in smaller groups.

Attendees are invited to share elements of their practices and support their peers as part of this session – everyone will be actively involved. Have a think beforehand about any practical or theoretical puzzles you are currently grappling with in relation to your creative practice that you would like to share with a small number of attendees and get their advice on. The event isn’t therapy or counselling, and isn’t a surrogate for those things: think of it more like learning how to be one another’s agony aunt. It’s about subjective advice filtered through our own funny, sad, exciting and worrying experiences doing art. For us, the value of the project is the “us-ness” of it: the collaborative experience and knowledge of everyone at each individual surgery, our collective capacity to empathise, elicit, support, respond, and create. In the past we’ve run surgeries specifically for social practice, but this time it’s for people with any kind of creative practice (we’ll still be running it socially, in real life and on Zoom).

Lady Kitt’s current project at NewBridge, Home-Rearing on display in The NewBridge Project Gallery throughout April 2023.

About the Kaleidoscope Network
If you are an EOP Member you are also automatically a Kaleidoscope Network Member.  The Kaleidoscope Network is a collaboration between Spike Island (Bristol) Eastside Projects (Birmingham), Primary (Nottingham) and The NewBridge Project (Newcastle). Formed in response to a need for mutual support, the network has come together as a way to share resources, increase what each partner is able to offer and create new connections between communities of artists.