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ONLINE: Art Fuddle

Thursday, 27 May 2021
5.45 pm

Art Fuddle noun: a party or gathering where attendees bring their own art.

Gather around our imaginary table for a potluck of images and creations. Bring your own art or ideas, and enjoy sampling the work of friends. Midge Ryall and Eleanor Scorah invite you to our art fuddle, where artists come together to share their work, ideas or thoughts for discussion. Like at a fuddle of the food variety, we’ll sample each others’ dishes (art), and chat about what we’ve brought. If we could gather in armchairs by a fire, we would. Instead, we’ll see you on Zoom.

Everyone is welcome. You can bring a polished piece, a thought or idea – even just a small part of an artwork that you’re trying to perfect.

Art Fuddle is hosted by The NewBridge Project as part of the Kaleidoscope Network.

To book a place email 

Eleanor Scorah began “writing” on the day she got her first pair of glasses and was not deterred by a) not knowing what letters were or b) having a properly equipped writing desk. If Eleanor were at a food fuddle, she’d be bringing something for the veggies, probably Quorn picnic eggs. When she’s not scribbling, she’s working on her miniature model of a greenhouse.


Midge Ryall has been playing with words for as long as she can remember. When she was little, she used to record her stories and rhymes on a cassette player. If Midge were at a fuddle of the food variety, she’d bring the cheestrings. When she’s not penning poems, you can find her binge-watching the latest season of Below Deck.