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*** This event will now take place at Centrala, 4 Minerva Works, 158 Fazeley Street, B5 5RT. ***

NAWKI or ‘not as we know it’ began last year, with the intention to experiment with the art fair model, each iteration shifting its focus to a different framework with a selection of arts organisations and spaces across the UK invited to participate.

​This year the ‘fair’ takes the form of a screening of artists film, experimenting with a platform specifically for digital, time-based works, where the shows constraints are responsive to the medium, becoming primarily durational as opposed to physical.

Ten organisations from across the UK have been invited to contribute a segment of artists digital and video work that will be compiled into a two hour long showcase, with each slot as the organisations respective ‘exhibition’. The resulting video will be screened simultaneously at spaces across the UK on 13th July starting at 6.30pm.

The other participating organisations are:

CBS Gallery (Liverpool), ebc (Bristol), Focal Point Gallery (Southend), HUTT (Nottingham), Ladette Space (London), Limbolimbolimbo (London), SERF, (Leeds), SPUR (Leeds), The White Pube (London/Liverpool)

ESP’s segment will include work by Alberto Condotta, Duncan Poulton, Georgie Grace, Ian Andrews, Luke Routledge, Splash Addict, Suzanne van der Lingen and Thomas Kilby.