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NAWKI or ‘not as we know it’ began last year, with the intention to experiment with the art fair model, each iteration shifting its focus to a different framework with a selection of arts organisations and spaces across the UK invited to participate.

​This year the ‘fair’ took the form of a screening of artists film, experimenting with a platform specifically for digital, time-based works, where the shows constraints are responsive to the medium, becoming primarily durational as opposed to physical.

Ten organisations from across the UK were invited to contribute a segment of artists digital and video work, compiled into a two hour long showcase, with each slot as the organisations respective ‘exhibition’. The videos were screened simultaneously at spaces across the UK 13th July, 6.30pm.

The other participating organisations are:

CBS Gallery (Liverpool), ebc (Bristol), Focal Point Gallery (Southend), HUTT (Nottingham), Ladette Space (London), Limbolimbolimbo (London), SERF, (Leeds), SPUR (Leeds), The White Pube (London/Liverpool)

ESP’s segment included work by Alberto Condotta, Duncan Poulton, Georgie Grace, Ian Andrews, Luke Routledge, Splash Addict, Suzanne van der Lingen and Thomas Kilby.