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Motherhood, maternal and art

Thursday, 21 July 2016
6.30 – 8pm

Over the 20th century representations of the maternal in art have drastically changed, shifting from devotional and idealised, challenging traditional ideas of motherhood and exploring multifaceted categories of maternal subjectivity, including plurality of voices.

As part of the project ‘Clipping the Church,’ this event brings together speakers including artist Tereza Buskova, curator Roma Piotrowska and photographer Marta Kochanek to investigate the position of a woman-mother-artist and explore representations of the maternal, and different models of family and motherhood, in art.

The discussion will be followed by the screening of the video Clipping the Church, a new public work which will culminate on 11 June, 3–5pm at with an event led by artist Tereza Buskova in which she will revive an almost extinct English tradition and adorn St Barnabas Church, Erdington with ornate baked bread and encircle it with a living garland of 100 people.