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Making Things Happen

Wednesday, 24 July 2019
6 – 8pm

Meet people making things happen in the Midlands and ask for advice about starting your own initiative.

This event will start with short presentations from Midlands based practitioners: Amahra Spence, artist and creative producer who established MAIA; Cheryl Jones, director of Grand Union, Suzi Osborn and Leah Carless from Modern Clay, a new ceramics based studio co-op; Ryan Hughes, director of Coventry Biennial, Gareth Proskourine-Barnett artist and co-organiser of Duplicate.

Presentations will be followed by simultaneous discussions with each speaker in smaller groups where audience members will be encouraged to move around, join different conversations and ask questions relevant to their ideas.

Booking essential. This event will be held at STEAMhouse.

Coventry Biennial of Contemporary Art brings critically engaged, high quality contemporary visual art to the city and surrounding area. Celebrating and promoting contemporary art and artists, the festival is equally rooted in the city of Coventry, its history and its future. The second Coventry Biennial will run from 4 October to 24 November 2019 across the city.

Grand Union supports and presents innovative artistic and curatorial practice. Provide support by
– working with artists, curators and writers, placing an emphasis on commissioning new art, supporting career development and encouraging experimentation
– engaging the public with this work through an ambitious programme of exhibitions, talks and events in our Gallery and elsewhere
– providing contemporary visual artists in the city with affordable, purpose-built studio space
– developing curatorial talent through a programme of employment, mentoring and toolkits

MAIA is an artist-led company who work to build infrastructure, relationships and opportunities to support equitable, sustainable creativity in cities. Originating as an acronym for Midlands Association of Independent Artists, Maia also refers to the goddess of nurturing and growth in ancient Greek mythology. MAIA has been supporting and caring for artists in a range of ways since our inception in 2013, exploring how creative practitioners live, work, develop and contribute to society.

Modern Clay is a studio project run by Mark Essen it provides a studio facility for the production of ceramics and is in the process of establishing itself as a co-op.