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ONLINE Lockdown Workshop: Improvising Survival Strategies

Thursday, 11 June 2020
1 – 3pm

Artist-Curator Bryony Gillard will lead an online improvisational workshop to assist with building collectivity in a time of physical distance.

Attendees will embark on a series of exercises using text, voice and writing as a means of nurturing creative collaborations while in isolation.

The exercises will allow practitioners to develop their own personal approach to creating during a lockdown, while drawing inspiration from radical intersectional thinkers such as Audre Lorde, Adrienne Maree Browne, Roxanne Gay, Paul B. Preciado, Bell Hooks and Octavia Butler.

This workshop comes with some postal resources. If you are able to receive post safely, please provide your address. Resources will be double enveloped and sent a week in advance of the workshop. If you are not an EOP member or are not able to receive post, online versions will be sent to you as a link.

This workshop will take place via Zoom.

To book a place email