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Write Club

Saturday, 22 October 2016
11am – 2pm

This Write Club workshop was led by artist Katrina Palmer, who shared her approaches to writing and reading and work with Write Club members in a practical session to develop an output as a group.

Katrina Palmer uses writing and sculptural objects in publications, audio installations and live readings. Her recent work, The Necropolitan Line,The Henry Moore Institute, Leeds (solo: 2015) facilitates the visitors’ journey through the galleries with guiding structures, illuminations and fragmented stories about absences. End Matter, an Artangel commission combines an audio installation on Portland, Dorset, with a book published by Book Works (2015). Here the island of Portland is perceived as a sculptural form, shaped by quarrying, that in turn provides a volatile context for the fabrication of narratives. A collection of short stories, The Fabricator’s Tale, was published in 2014, and her first book The Dark Object (Book Works, 2010), sculpture’s awkward relationship with conceptual art is presented through a student’s carnal fantasies in an ideologically oppressive institution.

Other exhibitions include The Three Stories are Flattened, Void, Derry (solo: 2016); The Weight of Data, Tate Britain, London (2015); MirrorCity, Hayward Gallery, London (2014); Dr Sinclair’s Drawer, Flat Time House, London (2014); Reality Flickers, MOT International, London (solo: 2014); From Morn ‘Til Midnight, Supportico Lopez, Berlin (2013); The Weight of Living, MOT International, London (2012); Transmission Gallery, Glasgow (solo: 2011). Palmer has contributed to other publications including The Object: Documents of Contemporary Art series, Whitechapel Gallery/MIT (2014) and Modern British Sculpture, Royal Academy of Art, London (2011).