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Managing Trauma in Practice

Thursday, 10 November 2022
6.30 – 8pm

Introduction to being Trauma Informed in your Arts Practice.

The Word Health Organisation suggests that 70% of the global population has experienced at least one traumatic event – and on average 3.2 traumas over a lifetime. So, for those of us who work with groups of people as part of our arts practice, it is essential that we have an understanding of how trauma can impact theirs (and our) physical and emotional needs.

Join Jane Thakoordin, participatory artist and mental health professional for a gentle introduction to Trauma Informed Practice, to better understand how people may externalise worries and feelings associated with trauma, and to equip yourself with the knowledge and skills to respond in a sensitive, safe and respectful way. We will look at how we, as facilitators can ensure a safe and supportive creative space, working in collaboration with participants. To conclude, we will look at our own well being and develop a set of principles for self care and mutual support.

Jane Thakoordin is a participatory artist, which means that the work Jane creates is always in collaboration with others. Jane draws on her professional experiences as a mental health practitioner to link creativity and wellbeing. She works collaboratively with, amongst others, people seeking asylum, supporting individuals and co-creating work. One of the highlights of the recent Humankindness Project was radical kindness through gift creating that people seeking asylum were an essential part of. Jane is a founder/member of MIXED RAGE- a collective of artists of mixed heritages, who recently exhibited at MAC in Birmingham. A recipient of a THRIVE Research bursary, Jane is currently working with Universities and Youth projects to interrogate the language of mental health and wellbeing, using textiles and zine making as methods of engagement.