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Workshop: Fantasy Tools for the Future

Saturday, 16 April 2022
2 – 3.30 pm

What did giants use to protect themselves? What talismans have we carried, and do we still carry, for our own safety? Who forged our tools, what materials did they use, and how did they come to be? Join us for a workshop of discovery and myth-making with Emii Alrai as we explore what fantasy tools we could make for the future.

This workshop will be a hands-on journey in the gallery where we build and create physical objects that can be taken with us into an imagined future. Get stuck into materials and making as we build new objects and imagine new narratives to support them.

Emii Alrai is an artist based in Leeds. Focusing on the ancient mythologies from the Middle East alongside personal oral histories of Iraq, Emii weaves together narratives by forging artefacts and visualising residues of cultural collision. Drawing references from objects in museum collections, ancient writing from the Middle East and cultural memories, her work questions the value and origins of artefacts, as well as navigating the experience of diaspora.

She studied her BA in Fine Art and an MA in Art Gallery and Museum Studies at The University of Leeds. In 2020, she undertook a residency in Calabria with In-ruins, Italy, and was selected for the Triangle Asterides Residency, Marseille. In 2019, she participated in the Arab British Centre Making Marks Project in Kuwait and the 2018 Tetley Artist Associate Programme. Upcoming and Recent group and solo exhibitions include: Eastside Projects, Birmingham, UK (2022), Visual Arts Centre, Clarington, Canada (2021),  Threshold, Leeds, UK (2021), Jerwood Arts, London, UK (2021), The Tetley, Leeds, UK (2020); VITRINE, London (2019), Fallow, Rectory Projects (2019), Two Queens, Leicester, UK (2019); GLOAM, Sheffield, UK (2018); (2018); Caustic Casual, Salford, UK (2017); Hutt Collective, Nottingham, UK (2017).