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Hooky St Press Writing Talk # 1: Dr Paul McDonald

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Hooky St Press Writing Talk # 1: Dr Paul McDonald
Wednesday 4 July
Eastside Projects

Dr Paul McDonald, course leader for creative and professional writing at Wolverhampton University, will explore how classic theories of humour can be made relevant to writers.

Hooky Street Press is a new art-writing project co-ordinated by Chris Poolman. The project brings together artists, writers, academics and comedians in developing a model of art-writing that draws upon methodologies from comical writing genres outside of art.

The project includes talks, a symposium, conference and the inaugural Art-World Pun Off Championships. These events are designed to provide a framework for the creation of an art-writing group. This will hopefully attract writers from different disciplines outside of art interested in the wider implications of the project.

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