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Group Occupation | Open Studio

Saturday, 31 March 2012

Group Occupation | Open Studio
Saturday 31 March
The New Art Gallery Walsall

Extra Special People (ESP) and The New Art Gallery Walsall (TNAGW) have teamed up to offer Group Occupation, a series of short, practical residencies for ESP members. Working in the Artists’ Studio at TNAGW, artists will occupy the space in groups of three for one-month at a time during March, April and May 2012.

An Endless Supply, Adam Smythe and Flore Nove-Josserand will be working in the Artists’ Studio during March and will be opening their studio up to the public this Saturday 31 March, 2-4pm.

During April, Georgie Park, Matt Westbrook and Alex Bailey will take up the studio.

In May, Joanne Masding, Helen Brown and Samuel Rodgers will be in residence.