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ONLINE The Extra Ordinary Exchange, Pre Application Workshop

Wednesday, 28 June 2023
1 – 2pm

Are you interested in applying for The Extra Ordinary Exchange? Do you want to learn a bit more before committing? Join us online for this informal info session led by Eastside Projects’ Artist Caretaker, Borbála Soós.

In recent years the EOP grew rapidly. Now with close to 500 members, we realise the importance of keeping connections personal. The Extra Ordinary Exchange aims to bring together members across the UK and beyond, pairing peers and opening up space for new creative conversations. We propose a 6-month initial framework, where the pairs would meet regularly online or in person. We suggest monthly meetings as a basic format, however there is no requirement for how to collaborate or generate an outcome. Participants will be able to communicate however they wish, at a frequency to suit the pairing.

The Extra Ordinary Exchange will be supported by a couple of events, including a professional development session and a summit in March 2024 where the pairs can share some of the experiences and potential outcomes of the collaborations. However, the main focus of The Exchange is on developing new relationships and friendships between artists who wouldn’t otherwise be able to connect, and it is ultimately an open-ended process with no limits or boundaries, and is simply framed by the invitation to begin a discussion.–

For more information and how to apply, please follow the link  > HERE
The deadline for the applications is 11 August 2023.