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Exhaustion & Exuberance

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Exhaustion & Exuberance
Saturday 10 September, 12-9pm

This day long event invites innovative artists and groups from across the UK to share knowledge and exchange ideas about notions of success and survival. Drop in and make new connections during the informal activity taking place in the main gallery. Buy the fantastic new publication Soon All Your Neighbours Will Be Artists. Attend the discussion for ideas and debate to get your mind buzzing. Hang out at the screening event in the evening.

12 noon_
A series of actions, social platforms, food and silk-screen printing throughout the day from: Aid & Abet (Cambridge), An Endless Supply (Birmingham), BAZ(Birmingham), Castlefield Gallery (Manchester), Institute for Boundary Interactions(Nottingham), Other Asias (London/Lahore/Dhaka), Outpost (Norwich), Tactile Bosch (Cardiff),The Lombard Method (Birmingham), The Royal Standard (Liverpool)

Book Launch. Soon All Your Neighbours Will Be Artists

Featuring the work of: Chris Barr, Ellen Bell, Ross Birrell & David Harding, Olaf Breuning, Andrew Crawford White, Michael Dean, Carwyn Evans, S Mark Gubb, Folke Koebberling & Martin Kaltwasser, Low Profile, Heather & Ivan Morison, Jonathan Mosley & Sophie Warren with Can Altay, random people, Emily Speed

Eds: An Endless Supply, Chloe Brooks, Clare Thornton, CJ Mahony, David Kefford, Samuel Hasler, Melissa Hinkin, Jim O’Raw

Bought to you by Extra Special People, Spike Island Associates, Aid & Abet and WARP at g39.

Discussion – Exhaustion & Exuberance – a (Re) negotiation. Taking the essay Exhaustion & Exuberance: Ways to defy the pressure to perform by Jan Verwoert (written for Sheffield 08: Yes, No and Other Options), as a starting point for thinking, and framed by major cuts to public funding on the arts, this conversation and discussion invites Mark Gubb & Eva Weinmayr chaired by Dr Katarzyna Kosmala to unpick some of the themes of the day in light of their research and projects.

Cinema activists Annexinema present a programme of film and video works including: George Barber, David Critchley, Peter Kubelka and Pete McPartlan,