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ESP TV: Test Transmission

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

ESP TV: Test Transmission
Wednesday 12 December
Practical Demonstration 6.30–8pm
Transmission 8-8.20pm

On Wednesday December 12 at 8pm ESP will make its first live transmission. Working with John Hill of Lucky PDF, ESP members will create ESP TV, a short internet test transmission of new work.

Many artists have created broadcasts as art works, from David Hall’s TV Interruptions of 1971 to London-based collective Auto Italia’s Double-Dip Concession in 2012 and increasingly arts organisations are making live streams of events. Now the ESP members are having a go. For December ESP has set itself the challenge of creating, in the course of a short workshop, its first live broadcast with content created, filmed and streamed by its members.

This a practical demonstration of the technologies of online video streaming that will result in an experimental 20 minute live broadcast with content by selected ESP members.

The broadcast will act as a trailer for an ESP off-site project, Five Songs, at Minerva Works as part of Winterreise/Winter Journey, a collaboration with Sue Ball, MAAP and many more(more info). Artists involved in Five Songs have been invited to develop a version of their work to be available for ESP TV. The off-site project is free and open to all from Friday 14 to Saturday 15 December.

Call-out for participants
We are looking for a team of members to create this broadcast. A workshop will begin at 6.30pm on the 12th in Unit 7 of Minerva Works during which we will plan and deliver the first ever ESP TV transmission to go out at 8pm on the same evening. For this demonstration, led by John Hill, we are looking for ESP members with basic technical and AV knowledge who will be involved in the production of the experimental broadcast. Sign up by emailing

John Hill has been a member of South East London artist group LuckyPDF since 2008. Working collaboratively with an expansive network of artists, LuckyPDF have produced online TV shows, immersive film shoots and media interventions. In 2012 they have founded an internet art school and launched a fashion line. Their projects act as platforms for performance, video and digital art. Outside of LuckyPDF John’s practice is focused on writing and curation and in running the education programme at Flat Time House.