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EOP Winter Art Fair

Friday, 1 December 2023
6 – 8pm

Complete your Christmas shopping list, bag a bargain, and get that special someone their most memorable gift this year! Whether you’re looking for artworks, handmade accessories, or novelty items, our EOP stall holders will have a plethora of unique presents to choose from. Cash is king, so we strongly recommend you pop to the cashpoint before you arrive!

Stallholders will include …

Yifan Hu, Harry Martin, Adam Wynn, Natasha MacVoy, Luke Routledge, Neoliberalized, Larissa Shaw, Danielle Phelps, Mengxia Liu, Chris Alton, Qianhui Yu, Ambie Drew, Joanna Grochot, FREE HOUSE, Sofia Niazi, and Kathrin Bohm.