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IRL, EOP Summer Social

Friday, 5 August 2022

Time to get social! EOP Members old and new are invited to meet up, hang out and get to know each other and Birmingham’s art scene.

We’ll start with a picnic in Grand Union’s canalside Minerva Apothecary Garden before walking and talking our way around different sites, galleries and artspaces, finally ending up at Eastside Projects where you will be able to start exploring Digbeth First Friday with your new friends.

If you would like to make a full day of visiting Birmingham, you could see some of the other exhibitions and projects open in the centre including exhibitions at Ikon and Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery.

If you are planning on coming drop us an email so we can make sure we have enough food for everyone. Email


12.30–2pm: Picnic at Minerva Apothecary Garden.
We will bring picnic supplies, but please bring along something to share and a drink. We will be joined by Cheryl Jones (Grand Union Director) for an insight into the Apothecary Garden and Bothy.

2–5.30pm: Walking, talking, visiting
In total this is roughly 3.2miles, but done in stages, you are welcome to join at certain points or take transport between stops if you would find walking this much challenging.

2–2.30pm: Amelia Hawk, Listening Relay Walk
Artist and Artist-Caretaker at Eastside Projects Amelia Hawk, will lead a guided relay walking activity from Minerva Apothacery to BOM. In response to BOM’s exhibition of gameplay and relays, we will pass talking battens between us in a walking relay game. 

2.30–3pm: Visit to BOM
We will visit BOM (Birmingham Open Media) a gallery specialising in digital experiences where we will see their current exhibitions including the interactive Joy Sticks exhibition. 

3–3.30pm: Dinosaur Kilby, walking activity
Artist and Curator Dinosaur Kilby will lead a guided activity from BOM to Cheap Cheap Gallery.

3.30–4pm: Visit to Cheap Cheap Gallery
We will visit Leah Hickey’s first solo exhibition, ‘How To Get Attention When You’re Drowning’, co-curated with Yas Lime and Dinosaur Kilby (Cheap Cheap Gallery Curator). With a short intrordcution to the show.

4–4.30pm: Tim Mills, Canalside Bird Spotting
Artist and Curator Tim Mills will lead a bird spotting activity from Cheap Cheap to the site of Rajni Perera’s offsite mural which Tim has curated as part of the Birmingham 2022 Festival.

4.30–4.45pm: Visit to Rajni Perera’s Mural
Tim Mills will give a short talk about Rajni Perera’s offsite mural commissioned by Eastside Projects and the process of installing it along the canal.

4.45–5.15pm: Slowdown walking activity
On the final stretch of the walk, we will slow down together and make our way to Recent Activity.

5.15-5.30pm: Visit Recent Activity (subject to change)
We will visit Recent Activity to see the Bruce Asbestos, Burple Purple (A Colour Space Solution) exhibition and meet with Andrew Gillespie, Gallery Curator to hear about the gallery space and exhibition programme. 

5.30–6.30pm: Pit stop at DigBrew, 43 River St, Birmingham B5 5SA

6.30pm–late: Explore Digbeth First Friday, starting at Eastside Projects
Other venues that are open include Centrala with Reworlding and a DJ set, STRYX with Strength Strings, Vivid with (Algro/Afro) Futures, Digbeth Arts Space with Love.

If you are planning on coming drop us an email so we can make sure we have enough food for everyone. Email

You can join any part of the Summer Social, if you know you will be coming a bit later, get in touch so we can suggest a place to meet the group. Please email Amelia if you would like to join and have access needs so that we can work out how best you can get involved.