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End of Term: Radical Sabbatical

Thursday, 15 March 2018
12 – 2pm

Come and explore the outcomes of year-long Radical Sabbatical residencies at the University of Birmingham with Emilie Atkinson, Sarah Farmer and Stuart Whipps. Taking the form of a science fair, the event will see all three artists share outcomes and work in progress. The artists were invited to respond to provocations from a range of academics working in the following areas of research: Aging and Repair, Trust and Risk and Waves.

Emilie Atkinson will present a performative reading giving objects a new narrative, looking at how we both acknowledge and refuse death. Sarah will display a collection of ongoing pieces, showing current strands of research and experimentation, as well as interactive objects. Stuart has been working with UoB geologist Andy Rees to produce custom made Geological thin section of shale rock that can be displayed using a conventional 35mm photographic slide projector. A thin section is a slip of rock, mounted on a glass microscope slide, ground very thin.

Radical Sabbatical is an artist residency programme that has brought together three ESP members with academics from across the University of Birmingham. The programme is a space for experimentation, knowledge exchange and cross-disciplinary engagement – a place for artists and academics to explore each other’s research and consider how it is produced and conveyed.

There are limited spaces for this event, so booking is required.

In partnership with Cultural Engagement at the University of Birmingham, this event is presented as part of the Art and Science Festival.