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Eat, drink, chill / Khao, peyo, aish karo, but don’t hurt anyone’s heart

4 to 5 August 2023

Conjuring a space, for dining, eating, cooking and gathering that manifests in a sort of kitchen, dining room, café, restaurant, chill space Khao, peyo, aish karo, but don’t hurt anyone’s heart, stems from Courses for Dis-course(s), a larger project which includes a series of exhibitions and dining events for British South Asian artists at GLOAM (Sheffield) and Primary (Nottingham).

The projects explore who gets a seat at the table, the politics of orthodoxies, the art space, the home, the kitchen and the gallery by presenting a new body of sculptural, functional and architectural works that employ a variety of British Asian visual languages, culinary traditions and materiality in including langar thalis inlaid with gut health tips, cha stations, posh tea sets, manjis, and tablecloths embroidered with political and theoretical texts.

Roo invites you to join her for open tea and biscuits on Friday 4 August 6–8pm

Sorry but brunch on Saturday 5 August is now fully booked.